Fitness bend

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Sku: bands Kategorija:

Pull Rope Resistance Bands Strentch Expander Exercise Fitness

Veličina :2000*150*0.45mm,1800*150*0.45mm,2000*150*0.35mm

Materijal: Natural Latex

Boja : Purple/Pink/Blue/Green

Natural LatexEnvironmental protection, durability, high elasticity

Variety of colorsMeet your different needs

Strength Trainingcan effectively improve your muscle, physical activity and flexibility.

Easy to carry ,exercise at home or outdoor
Exercise your arms, legs and back.Tighten your abdominals



Pink-1, Purple-1, Blue-1, Green-1, Yellow-1, Red-1, Pink-3, Purple-3, Blue-3, Green-3, Yellow-3, Red-3, Pink-4, Purple-4, Blue-4, Green-4, Yellow-4, Red-4, Pink-5, Purple-5, Blue-5, Green-4, Yellow-5, Red-5


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